Our Story

Since the beginning of time, mankind have worn adornments to enhance their beauty or status. They are also worn to distinguish the wearer, define cultural, social and religious status within a specific community.

Today, they evoke memories of our travels, beliefs and life’s special moments. They are also worn to define our identities. Joie de Vivre Bijoux creates each design like an objet d art, marrying the sophistication and humour of the french with the virtuoso of fine Italian artistry. Gold, sterling silver, diamonds, coloured stones, leather and new exciting materials come together for the creation of these wearable art pieces. Joie de Vivre Bijoux synergizes the dynamics of the appreciation and creation of jewellery to both the wearer and the designers. It brings us stories, memories and mottos in our life.

A symbol of life and joy, the iconic ( Lóiseau Joie ) hummingbird collection reminds us that life is meant to be savoured with its ability to float in air while feeding on nectar. Discover the wonders and beauty of nature with our kingdom ( Regne ) collection. Travel through cultures time and continents through the Musee. ( Museum ) Experience the city of lights with the Notre Dame collection and more.

Rediscover the Joie de Vivre all over!